M-Trust - M Trust is an unique ERP solution framework that can be customized to cater the need of small & medium sized business organization. It offers solution for all critical business flows of an organization and enables them to embrace the Internet and e-Commerce with ease.
Key highlights:
Choice of back-end software, including Oracle or Microsoft SQL server
Modular design in which modules requiring special development could be quickly built and easily integrated with the core ERP product
Users through a wide range of parameters, which influence their functioning, can program individual modules
The most demanding and diverse needs of organizations can be easily met.

M-Life - Life Insurance Management System Software Solution is an innovative and fully automated system tailored for the needs of insurance company to maximize their efficiencies and reduce costs. It is a scalable, reliable and cost effective solution for carrying out all business critical insurance processing functions. We offer a robust web based integration that can be customized to cater specific needs of clients for achieving their business goals, service and revenue generation. Following are some of the module of insurance management system:

Following are some of the module of insurance management system:
Personnel management information system
Payroll System
Provident Fund System
FDR System
Accounting System
Store Management System
Claims Systems
Re-Insurance Systems
Co-Insurance System
Money Receipt Issuing System
Premium Collection System
M-Insurance - This is a fully integrated insurance management system for General Insurance companies. This automates complete business processes including marine, fire, Human Resources, Accounts etc. This state of the art Insurance Management System is proven to increase efficiencies and profitability substantially.
M-Shop: mShop is innovative, scalable, flexible e-commerce software that is easy to setup and use. It is a readymade e-Commerce web site for small and medium size enterprises. We provide customized support for hosting and design according to our clients need.
Some key feature of mShop is:
Create user account
Regular software update
24 hour IT Help Desk
Knowledge management solution
Step by Step installer
Multilingual feature
High traffic capabilities
Web hosting migration
Adaptable for Multiple industries
Template based web site design
Web feed
Some of our Services:
IT Consulting
Data Centers
Hardware and Networking
Web Development
Web Designing
Data Processing
Documentation Development
Personalized Mailing